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About Us

Since 2016 Playstate Studios have been making a variety of catchy, mobile games of all kinds.

Our Games

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Hoppy Towers

Time your jumps up and your dashes down so that you merrily hop your way from one tower to the next.

Up Jump

Avoid spikes, saws and other nastiness as you make you way through many vibrant and glorious worlds.

Bowl Sort

Sort the bowls! Move the bowls from one place to another, so that they are in order on the coloured mats!

Nice Fit

Nice Fit is a simple puzzle game about fitting shapes together. It will have you thinking and fitting.

Color Spin

Color Spin is a fun little game designed to test your concentration and reflexes. Tap when the spinning pointer colour matches the sector color.

Fruit Swipe

Fruit Swipe is a joyous match three game you'll love. This super fruity match 3 puzzle game will keep you entertained for hours!

Wonder Hop

Wonder Hop is a game for all ages and kinds. A simple vibrant one tap game which will have you bouncing through a colourful quirky world and put you in a happy place.

Match Things 3D

Match Things 3D is a new 3D puzzle matching game that is easy to learn and super fun to play! Match objects of the same kind to win!

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